Compare And Contrast Books And Movies

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Books vs. Movies
The constant battle between watching a movie and reading a book has lead to many disagreements. Many valid arguments can be made in favor of each as well as each having it’s own disadvantages, yet the question still remains unanswered. Books and movies have many similarities and differences when it comes to experience, development, and imagery. To begin, there are a variety of reasons that make movies not as good as books. The experience, the depth, and the imagery are the three main aspects one needs in order to understand why movies are not as good as books. Movies are often said to be an experience to broaden knowledge. When one watches a movie, they are usually focused on the characters and special effects instead of the plot due …show more content…

When one watches a movie, the experience is not life changing no matter how thrilling the experience was. It is not engraved into the brain as it is only a temporary adrenaline rush. When watching a movie, one feels as though one is watching the story from outside and not truly experiencing it through the main character. In addition, movies are often two hours long. If a movie was based on a book, which it often is, there would not be enough time to include minor details. Movies don’t have a complex storyline as movies shorten the story down to a simple plot with slight similarities to the book it is based off of. Most of the time, the script does not do the story justice. Movies are limited as it relies on visual stimulation and having to tell a story primarily through dialogue. It is tough for filmmakers to depict the inner conflicts of a character’s mind thus making it very shallow and lacking in depth. Furthermore, movies are visual and auditory. Whilst watching a movie, one

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