Essay Comparing Beowulf And Grendel

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Grendel in both stories is described as a vicious "Monster", but is viewed differently. The character of Grendel, in the novel by John Gardner, portrays a different visualization than that of Grendel in the epic poem Beowulf. In the novel the story is told in first person point of view which gives Grendel human qualities while Grendel in Beowulf is told in third person point of view not giving Grendel his standpoint. In both works, the authors give two different perspectives of Grendel. Grendel in the novel is not seen as a "Monster", but as a human that has emotions and is very sympathetic about everything that comes his way. He expresses his feelings saying, "Ah, the unfairness of everything, I say, and shake my head. It is a matter of …show more content…

Grendel in the novel displays the idea that he is far more superior than mankind. He mentions, "I am swollen with excitement, bloodlust and joy and a strange fear that mingle in my chest like the twisting rage of a bonfire" (Gardner 167-168). Grendel knows that that the people fear him because he is different and he uses that to his advantage. The "Monster", Grendel, seems to be fascinated in attacking Meadhall and is not frightened at all. Although he is brave in the novel, Grendel in the epic poem is described in being scared and weak on the attack at Meadhall. In the epic poem it says, "Grendel's one thought was to run from Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide there" (Beowulf 314-315). This quote explains that the people at Meadhall believed that Grendel was startled by the way the people responded back on his attack. This makes the readers think that Grendel was not confident enough to take the people at Meadhall down because of his fearful view. In this attack from Grendel, in the novel he not viewed as if he was terrified but in the epic poem he was, however, this part of the stories was then lead by his

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