Personality In Ender's Game, By Orson Scott Card

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“Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be” (Card 40). The novel Ender’s Game is written by Orson Scott Card. The most important characters of Ender’s Game were Andrew Wiggin (Ender Wiggin), Colonel Graff, Peter Wiggin and the Buggers. Ender’s experience going to battle school transforms his personality because he becomes mature at a very young age and becomes aggressive. Ender’s personality has changed; he becomes mature for his age. Ender understands that the reason he goes to battle school is to defeat the Buggers. “Because they need somebody to beat the Buggers. That’s the only thing they care about” (196). Ender is mature because he realizes that the teachers only want a strong leader, once they find a strong leader they can become a real commander and defeat the Buggers. Ender is young a boy who does not deserve to think that people are using him …show more content…

From a young boy who loved playing games and went to school turned into an aggressive little boy with the intelligence to defeat an alien species. By going to battle school, Ender has been influenced by learning many tactics and using them to hurt the fellow members of his battle school. “I am crazy, but I think I’m OK, I decided that when you were about to kill me, and I decided to kill you first, I guess I am just a killer to the core” (303). Ender utilizes his force to bring down individuals from his own group. Enders personality is changing into his older brother, Peter. “Peter has mellowed, but you, they’ve made you into a killer. Two sides of the same coin, but which side is which” (238)? Ender has turned out to be more like his sibling, Peter, in light of the fact that Peter use to bully youngsters and Ender particularly, now Ender is harassing and utilizing his forceful behavior towards other students at battle school. Enders personality has transformed him to turning out to be more

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