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I read the book, Friday Night Lights, which was published in 1990, and watched the movie, Friday Night Lights, which came out in 2004. The book was written by Buzz Bissinger. The character that I will be comparing and contrasting is Boobie Miles. The scene that I will be comparing and contrasting is the final game. The book and movie are similar in a few ways but are different in many ways. In both the book and the movie, Boobie Miles is injury prone and not very bright. But only in the book is Boobie found likeable by his peers. He is injury prone in the book and movie because he gets hurt in the very first game of his senior season. He was able to return for one game but happened to reinjure himself (Page 56, Minute 31). In the book, Boobie …show more content…

The book shows the effectiveness of the small town of Odessa. But the movie shows the effectiveness of the football team. But only in the book does it go into great depths about the history of the town. It describes the town 's boom and bust years. It also goes into great detail about rival cities and their boom and bust years. How some people grew so rich during the boom years that when the bust years came they became very poor. But also about how most of the players and students got terrible grades and were going to end up working in the oil fields just outside of Odessa once they graduated. However the movie mainly zoned in on the football team and didn 't talk about the city or the grades. The end of the final game was so dramatic. In conclusion the book, Friday Night Lights and the movie, Friday Night Lights show their overall effectiveness in different ways. The book, Friday Night Lights, by Buzz Bissinger, is which was published in 1990 is very similar and very different from the movie, Friday Night Lights which came out in 2004. One big similarity is that the book and movie both have the same characters. Another is that the story takes place in the same town and has the same people in them. One difference is that the book talks about the city’s history whereas the movie just talks about the football team. Overall there are many similarities and differences between the book and movie version of Friday Night

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