The Outsiders Movie And Book Comparison

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Compare and Contrast Outsider Outline The “Outsiders” novel and movie are so similar but also so different. The “Outsiders” is a wonderful book about a group of kids who grew up on the wrong side of town. The novel and movie are to different ,but amazing ways to look at this atrociously heart touching story. A few ways this book and novel are different. Are that, in the film it opens with the main character Ponyboy Curtis writing his theme for school, and in the book it starts will Ponyboy getting jumped by a socs. Although the film and novel are so different, they are also very similar. For example The film and novel both have all the main characters. Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Dally, Two-bit Mathews, Johnny, Steve, Randy, and Bob. All of these boys are known as the…show more content…
For example one difference is that the film opens with Ponyboy Curtis writing his theme, and in the book it starts with Pony getting jumped by some Socs In the book It starts with Pony getting jumped by some socs in a red Corvair. On his way home from the drive in theater. In the film it opens with Ponyboy Writing his theme for school. Oh and that's not the only difference. See another one is that Two-bit Mathews black handled switchblade was really silver in the movie, but black in the book. Two-bit Mathews is famous for two things, his rust colored sideburns and a ten inch black handled switchblade. His handle is black in the book, so it should clearly obviously black in the movie. Right. Nope. in the movie it is silver. I know it’s kinda senseless to change the color of the famous switchblade, but it just shows how much different the “Outsiders” book and film really are Even though the book and movie are so very different. It’s those unique qualities that make this story one of my favorites. It’s one of the greats in my book. So now we know that things we think might be so similarly
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