Character Changes In The Outsiders

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People are often misconceived for what they present on the outside, not what’s on the inside. This is shown in a number of characters in a number of novels. One of these novels, is called the Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton. In this novel, there is a boy named Johnny, who is in a gang called the greasers. He is like the pet of the gang, and without him, their is no balance between the gang mates. From the beginning of the novel to the end, Johnny’s personality changes a lot. At first, he was tense and scared, but later on, he became more open to Ponyboy (one of the other main characters) and brave. Early in the novel, Johnny is tense and scared. In the book, Johnny and Ponyboy are at the movies. Dally, (another one of the main …show more content…

After Johnny had killed Bob, and they ran away, Johnny says something to Ponyboy in the church that surprises him. After Johnny left to get supplies, he says, “We’re gonna cut our hair, and your gonna bleach yours.” (71) Johnny saying this, shows that he is starting to take action after what had happened at the park. It shows that reality is hitting Johnny, and this actually makes him slightly tougher in a way. Johnny, being a shy person usually doesn’t take action to solve the problem at han, but by doing this, it shows he is less soft and more hardy than we thought. After that, Ponyboy finds himself in a situation that he personally can’t back out of. It’s the fire at the church. Ponyboy, starts running in to help save the children, but when he turns around, he sees Johnny. “Hey Ponyboy,” Johnny says. Johnny was following Ponyboy into the fire to help save the kids. These two words that Johnny speaks, says a lot about him. For one, it shows that Johnny, isn’t really “afraid of his own shadow” anymore, like he was in beginning because of everything he has been through in the past week, it has made him tougher, in a way more like Dally. This really shows how Johnny’s personality has

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