Character Analysis Of Two-Bit In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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In the fictional novel, The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton, the character Two-Bit was given the life of a greaser, with the height of about six feet tall, stocky in build, long rusty-colored sideburns, laughing gray eyes and a wide grin. He was also funny and somewhat charismatic, with such clever jokes and the ability to lighten any tension.
Although the character Two-Bit Mathews wasn’t mentioned a lot in the book except for the night at the movie and before and after the rumble. But throughout the book, the readers can tell he was the jokester of the gang—a wisecracking, fun-loving, kind of a crazy guy. The readers can also tell he loved the gang as much as he loved his life (although Ponyboy stated in the book, “life was one big joke to Two-Bit”) but clearly, he was so energetic and lively and funny, how could he not love his life and his gang? For instance, he immediately protested when Cherry …show more content…

But he did have a minor change, he began to expose a little of his warm-heartedness, after Johnny and Dally died, he didn’t appear much anymore in the story line, but the readers can picture him maturing every passing day but still kept his generous humor. The theme of The Outsiders is about adolescence—discovery, pain, loneliness since in this heart-rending novel, all of the characters suffered for 1. Johnny and Ponyboy had to hide away since Johnny killed Bob, 2. The class conflict between greasers and Socs, 3. Johnny’s and Dally’s death, 4. Also, most of the characters changed: Two-Bit; Ponyboy became more belligerent; Soda Pop changed for Sandy; Darry’s and Ponyboy’s relationship was mended. The other themes that also work for this particular story is society and class, loyalty, love, violence, appearances, and choices. Many of these themes ran along with the story, and sometimes were demonstrated

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