Good And Bad Choices In The Outsiders

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Someone once said, “ Life is all about making choices. Always do your best to make the right ones and always do your best to learn from the wrong ones”- Anonymous. Choices can always look instructive whether they are great or bad. Often, a string of good choices makes it easier to continue down the path, good consequences paving the way to more good choices. However, poor choices often have unlimited consequences. In the Outsiders, the characters usually make bad decisions. The Greasers are a gang that function like family, and Johnny’s decisions are not so good. But sometimes they can be spot on. The theme is watch out for what decisions you make, Understand that what ever choice you make there will be a consequence. Johnny made the difficult choice to kill Bob. Johnny made this spontaneous decision because the Socs were trying to drown Ponyboy in the park’s fountain. When Ponyboy realized Johnny murdered Bob, Ponyboy was as frightened as if he was at a haunted house . The consequence of this choice was that Johnny and Ponyboy felt guilty ,and they Both decided to run away for a like one million years. Johnny said, “I killed him. I killed that boy (pg56).” This repetitive textual evidence suggests that Johnny had trouble …show more content…

Although Johnny knew it was the right choice, some of the buildings debris fell on Johnny’s back, fell on Johnny’s back,which broke his spine and killed him. Ponyboy was terrified when Johnny saved the kids, and when Johnny’s injury affected him badly. But when Ponyboy found out Johnny was going to die he was horrified. Ponyboy said, “Then I heard Johnny scream, and as I turned to go back to him, Dally swore behind me and clubbed me as hard as he could across the back (pg.93)”. From this text we can infer that Ponyboy wanted to help when he heard Johnny scream, but

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