Rivalry In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders The rivalry between the Socs and the Greasers seem to increase as days go by. Could this end in more violence and bloodshed? Ponyboy loves movies and books more than his two brothers Sodapop and Darrel. “I like to watch movies undisturbed and live them with the actors says.” Soda is 16 going on 17, “Never cracks a book at all and my oldest brother Darrel who we call Darry, works to long and hard to be interested in a story or drawing a picture, so I’m not like them.” The Socs live in the West-side of town. “The jet set, West-side rich kids,” and the Greasers are from the East-side. “We are poorer than the Socs and the middle class.” The Socs are portrayed as a double standard group of kids, meant to be an example to society; however …show more content…

Dally, trying to chat up two girls. He fails miserably. Johnny doesn’t try to impress the girls, he is a little shy. Dally puts his feet up on the one girl’s chair, and she not so politely asks him to remove his feet. Dally still proceeds to speak to the girls, but uses bad language. Johnny is not impressed, and says, “Leave her alone Dally!” Dally is taken by surprise as Johnny is normally very quiet. Dally disappears to buy Coca Cola. He reappears a little while later with an arm full of Cokes. He sits down beside Cherry and says, “This might cool you off.” Cherry gives him a look and throws the Coke in his face, “This might cool you off, Greaser. After you wash your mouth and learn to talk and act decent, I might cool off too.” Dally leaves, Ponyboy and Johnny go and sit with Cherry and Marcia. They have a long conversation, covering a couple of topics. During their conversation the guys pick up on the fact that the girls came to the drive-in with their boyfriends, but left them after they brought alcohol. Another friend joins them. Two-bit scares them as their attention is with the girls. As the conversation progresses, they realize that they don’t have a car and offer to walk them home. As they walk along the road, a blue mustang pulls up and takes the girls home. Johnny and Ponyboy arrive at home after two in the morning. Darry is furious and hits Ponyboy. …show more content…

As for Johnny, he is in critical state. Ponyboy and friends go home. Not long after, Johnny requests to see all of his friends. Johnny is very pale, he just wants to say good-bye. He is extremely weak. Everyone is present. Johnny calls Ponyboy and whispers something in his ear. Then he takes his last breath and dies. As reality hits home, we all leave the hospital. Not much later we receive a call from Dally, saying he robbed a grocery store and that we should meet him at the park. We arrive as we see the lights from the police vehicles. Suddenly Dally pulls out a gun as a bluff; however the police are not aware of this fact. They shoot Dally and he is dead before he hits the ground, and so this ends in violence and bloodshed of two Greasers, close

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