Bob Sheldon Murder Case

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On Friday evening, the body of teenager Robert "Bob" Sheldon was found at a park in eastern Tulsa, laying next to a fountain with a knife wound in his abdomen. Further evidence suggests that the Sheldon had been intoxicated. No arrests have been made yet, but police suspect that it was a gang-related crime. Investigators believe that more than one person of each party had been involved as well. One of Sheldon’s companions, who was questioned, Randy Adderson, did not prove to be much help for the investigators. "I 'm sick of all this. Sick and tired. Bob was a good guy. He was the best buddy a guy ever had. I mean, he was a good fighter and tuff and everything, but he was a real person too. You dig?" says Adderson, who plead the fifth when asked about the murder by reporters. The main suspects of the homicide is 16-year-old Johnny Cade, along with 14-year-old Ponyboy Curtis. An inside reporter, who would like to remain anonymous interviewed Sheldon’s former girlfriend, Sherri “Cherry” Valance. “The night of the stabbing, my close friend, Marcia, and I had planned on seeing a drive in movie with Bob and Marcia’s boyfriend, Randy. We arrived, only to find out that the two of them had been drinking." Valence claimed to have sent the boys home angrily. “Marcia and I were enjoying our night when a friend of Ponyboy’s began chatting us up in a very rude manner. Ponyboy and Johnny stuck up for us. They were very chivalrous, …show more content…

He drove away, not seeming one bit pleased. A couple minutes later Johnny and Pony left for home. That’s the last I saw of either of them." Cade and Curtis have been missing since the night of the attack, Curtis’s older brothers, Darrel “Darry” (20) and Sodapop (16) have filed a missing persons report for both of the suspects. A friend of the Curtis family told police that the two were heading south towards Texas, investigators are following this

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