Johnny Cade As A Hero In The Outsiders

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Who is the greatest hero in the outsiders “Heroes are forged not born.” This quote perfectly describes Johnny Cade a well mannered 16 year old boy in the Greasers gang. In the novel “The Outsiders” Johnny didn’t have the best environment to grow up in, he was beat and left alone for most his childhood but that didn't stop him. Johnny Cade is the greatest hero in the Outsiders because of the courage he showed by saving PonyBoy, he risked his own life to save the children in the burning church, and finally Johnny kept living a motivated life despite his upbringing. Johnny Cade is the greatest hero in the novel the Outsiders. Loyalty goes a long way, as shown by the incident at the park. Johnny Cade showed great courage at the park. Instead of fearing for his life, he went past his comfort zone and protected PonyBoy. Johnny also acted independently with no instruction from Pony in a high pressure situation with a lot on the line, including his life. Even After being brutally beaten by Randy and Bob he still stood his ground, even when he was afraid he still confronted them and fought both of the Socs till the bitter end. As shown from multiple parts in the chapter Johnny was truly brave at the park. “Never contest a man with …show more content…

Johnny probably had one of the worst lives of the greasers, yet he still managed to stay optimistic even after being beaten on an almost daily basis. Johnny would also stand up for people even after being isolated for most his life, as shown when Dallas was harassing Cherry and Marcia. Finally the most loyal of them all, even on his deathbed he stuck by his friends and only allowed them to vist and not his horrible mother that ignored him for most his life. After an abusive childhood most people would give up but Johnny cade stood amongst the Greasers with pride, not

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