How The Socs Revealed In The Outsiders

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The socs get the praise, the greasers get the blame. If you look closely at the socs, in the novel The Outsiders by SE: Hinton you will find that they were the only ones to have the ability to do such things, such as vandalizing, but people just jump the gun and assume the greasers did it. The socs beat up and bully the greasers, but don't get caught. Sometimes the socs get caught, but still don’t get in trouble. If the greasers get caught, they'll probably be in trouble. It can be said that the socs don't feel anything either While Johnny was beaten up by socs, people will refuse to believe him, only greasers. Johnny was jumped by the socs, but none of the other people would believe him.(cpt 1) If Johnny really was beaten up by the greasers, he wouldn't stay with them. The people that beat him up left in a mustang, and the greasers didn't have the money for that type of thing. Pony was walking to the gas station for lunch one day, and he heard that the socs got in a food fight and tried to blame it on the greasers. Had Pony been there, the socs might have gotten away.(cpt 12) You can see just by looks, the socs will never be blamed, and the greasers will always be blamed. …show more content…

It seems as if the socs are totally desensitized to anything , they do. When they were taking taking on Pony, the socs weren't even thinking about what they were doing to Pony, they thought it was all one big joke.(cpt 1) The socs beat up greasers without even thinking or caring what they are doing to the greasers. The socs weren't even thinking about killing Pony as a bad thing, just getting payback.(cpt 3) The socs just destroy anything that fails to please them, not caring what effect it has on others. If they really did feel like normal people they won't throw beer blasts, and beat up/ tease greasers. They especially wouldn't enjoy

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