Menace In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders Have you ever wished you could be rich? Or have a bigger house? Do you think that those who are not rich are a menace? Well in the book The Oustiders by S.E Hinton, The socs are more of a menace than the greasers because of the money they have, their parents mindset, and the society’s popular choice. The socs are a menace because of the money they have. They believe that if they get in trouble they can buy their way out. Because of this money they feel powerful, even at times invencible. They think they can do anything. They also have the money to buy cars, guns, and weapons. The greasers just have spirit and a broken bottle. When the socs jump Two-bit, Johnny, and ponyboy all they have is broken bottles off the ground. The socs have a nice car, and knives. This is one of the reasons they think they can beat the greasers. The socs make the fights because of their money they feel dangerous. Also later in the book when the socs jump ponyboy outside the store, the socs get out of their car thinking how amazing they are to have the car. Thinking of the way they would end Ponyboy. Ponyboy backs them up with not only his bottle but his tone …show more content…

They know they can do what they want, and then gain back their respect for simply nothing. They can beat up the greasers because society cares nothing for them, and would side with the socs instead. The cops also see good in the socs more than the greasers, they are threatened by the the money of the socs. They aren't threatened by what they see to be poor teens, that steel and smoke. In general everyone in society is threatened by their money, they feel helpless against their money. They think money is the most powerful thing you can have. They might also look up to them for the reason of their money. They see the socs as powerful people, and they want to be like them. They want them to be perfect, so they think that and lie to

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