Compare And Contrast Watson's Go To Birmingham

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Have you ever rode in a car for more than 24 hours? The plot in the book of “Watson’s Go To Birmingham”, is about a family going on a trip to Birmingham in 1963 and experience an event that makes them see how wrong color in the south are treated. The plot in the movie is more about how colored had been fighting for their rights and all the event leading up to everyone becoming equal. In “Watson’s Go To Birmingham”, lots of events changed the plot like the movie is focused mainly on Civil Rights while the book isn 't, but Joey leaves the church before it blows up in both, so there are some similarities. There are many differences between the book and the movie, like in the book they all stayed down at Grandma Sands, but in the movie the dad didn’t stay with them. Another difference is that in the movie they go into town, but in the book it 's never mentioned. Something else that was different was that in the book the mood was happy most of the time, while in the movie the mood was sad. A difference between the book and the movie is that in the book momma was going to burn Byron, but in the movie she does not burn him. A big difference is that in the…show more content…
There are also a few similarities between the book and the movie like how Kenny almost drowns in both. Another thing that is in both the movie and the book is that Kenny sees a little girl trapped in the church. Also in both the book and the movie Kenny hides behind the couch. The bombing at the church happens in both the book and the movie. A big similarity is that in both the book and the movie Joey leaves the church before it blows up. So even though there are a few similarities, there are more differences. The movie is mainly about civil rights, but the book isn’t which changes the plot a lot. While there are some similarities like how all the family members are the same; there are still more differences. Even though both the book and the movie are “Watsons Go To Birmingham”, they are very different from each
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