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The Differences The novel The Natural by Bernard Malamud displays a tragic story about a man with many flaws show extraordinary skills in baseball, with a depressing ending of disgrace. The movie, however, displays the story of a respectable guy dealing with a few unlucky happenings while also showing his natural talent in the sport of baseball. The movie and the book have some big differences include Iris, who she is and her relation with Roy, Roy’s aspects, and the ending. The two works have clear differences that arguably change the story totally. A key character in the book is Iris Lemon. The first notable difference in the movie is her name. She is called Iris Gaines rather than Lemon; however, this does not affect the story very much. In the movie her supportive, mature, and experienced characteristics do not change, …show more content…

In the book, Roy takes a bribe to throw the playoff game, and then realizes that what he is doing is wrong during the game. After the game he throws the money back at the judge, he beats him and Gus sands up. In the movie the Judge gives him the money and the first chance Roy gets before the game he gives it back to the Judge. Harriet still shoots the gun, but in that scene Roy doesn’t get into a fight. Wonder boy breaks in both the movie and book, but in the movie the batboy gives Roy, Savoy Special, this is not mentioned in the book. Also, in the movie Wonder Boy is never buried in the field like in the book. In the movie after Wonder Boy breaks Roy hits a homerun and wins the game. Everyone is happy, the fans love him and all is well. In the book he strikes out and loses. The public find out that he had a bribe, and he is disgraced. The very end of the movie shows Roy throwing a baseball with his son and it is assumed that he will live happily with his son and Iris for the rest of his life. The book ends in sadness, and Roy has to live with guilt for the rest of his

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