The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 By Christopher Paul Curtis

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 is actually a great book. Christopher Paul Curtis did a wonderful job writing this book. This story faces a lot of things that was going on in the 60s. This story had so many lessons to learn from. They were hatred, and bullying. But then again the Watsons always remind people that friends and family is what really mattered.
Family was a big concern in this book. I would say that family should always come first no matter what problems you face. The Watsons love each other but also hated each other. They have that type of bond that they can make each other mad but they can clearly understand each other. I love Kenny’s character. Kenny is the narrator of this story and he is 4th grade. The thing I dislike about …show more content…

Knowing this book was around that era we can assume that there were a lot of race being talked about. The Watsons had to face a lot of problems leaving in Birmingham. I like how Christopher explained how the Watsons lived in that era. He described them to be living in economic class where people have money and some that don’t have money. The bullying was a major factor that played a role based on money.
I loved how Christopher shows a lot of things that you can learn within this book. Of course there is some morality in this book. He tells his audience that people do not live forever, which is true. People do survive and people do die. It’s a part of life. We can love people but also remember they don’t live forever. You can’t judge a person and hate them is you never even met them or even manage to get to know them.
Bryon is the trouble maker in the Watsons family. He tends to get in trouble a lot and make stupid decisions without thinking. Bryon reminds me of my little brother. My brother would do something so foolish and careless and expect for people to sympathize for him when he gets in trouble. I honestly think that’s what Bryon does in this book. His parents decide to let him stay at grandmas for the whole summer which is a good lesson I should say. He gets to see bad and the good about what’s going on in

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