The Crucible Compare And Contrast Book And Movie

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The to thing that I will be compare is a wrinkle in time the book by Madeleine L’ Engle to the movie made in 2003. The book is somewhat like the movie. Like the how Meg think less of herself she even thinks that she is dumb but she is actually really smart. The also go to a place call camazots and there the people there are under the control of IT. Also the plot has the same theme that no matter what evil it is love will over come it. what was different in the story and movie was some of the characters. Like meg in the book she had frizzy hair, braces and glasses and in the movie she does not have frizzy hair, braces or glasses . For Charles Wallace he is 5 and not in school and in the movie he is 6 or 7 and in school. The setting for

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