That Was Then This Is Now Differences Between Now Movie And Book

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There was a book and movie on That Was Then, This Is Now by S. E. Hinton. There were a lot of significant differences in the movie compared to the book. Mark in the book was completely different from the book. Mark in the book was seen as a stupid kid, while in the movie he seemed as if he was the victim. Bryon in the book was an ok person, while in the book he was just a punk. Mark was prorated different in the movie and the book. In the book he was seen as a not the best character. I can see where Bryon turned Mark in for drugs, however I in the book I cannot see how Bryon did that in the movie. Mark in the movie was seen as the victim. Mark seemed kind of messed up about his parent’s death in the movie and in the book he didn’t. Bryon didn’t

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