The Nightjohn: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The Nightjohn movie was very different from the book. One reason that it was so different is because of how much the Wallers are talked about. In the book they only talk about the Wallers when slaves are being punished. In the movie, they were shown much more. The Wallers don’t have kids in the book. They do in the movie, and Sarney is the one who helps take care of their youngest son. Another difference in the movie is that Nightjohn was only sold for $50.00. In the book Waller paid $1,000.00 for Nightjohn. Sarney said in the movie that Mammy was the one who was sold for $1,000.00. Pawley was another character who did different things in the movie than in the book. In both, he snuck off the plantation to see a girl. When he left in the book, Waller…show more content…
The movie didn’t feel as sad to me. My opinion on the book is that it could’ve been better. I think it would be improved if it was longer. There wasn’t very much detail and the ending wasn’t good. The author ended with a cliffhanger but it doesn’t really make me want to read the next one. If he had made the book longer and finished talking about how Sarney and Nightjohn taught in the pit school it would’ve been better. I wouldn’t recommend this book to someone unless they really liked books about history. My opinion on the movie is worse than the book. The only thing I liked about the movie is that Pawley got married and the slaves seem happier than described in the book. I was disappointed with the movie because of how many things they changed. If they made the movie more similar to the book, it would’ve been much better. They tried too hard to make a good movie and they strayed away from the main points of the book. Something informative I learned from the book is how badly slaves were treated. They didn’t really show that in the movie. If someone just watched the movie and didn’t read the book, they might not understand how
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