Nightjohn Book And Movie Comparison Essay

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The “Nightjohn” book and movie had many differences. The plot and story were kind of

the same. The things that were different were mostly the details in the book and movie. Here is

my comparison of the “Nightjohn” book and movie.

First off, here are some differences. The movie started differently than the book. The

movie started by showing Sarny’s birth. The book started with Sarny describing the main

characters like Waller, Mammy (Old Delie), and herself. The movie also showed Sarny’s real

mom being sold and it was during the movie’s present time. In the book, it had already happened

and Sarny was just saying that her real mom was sold. The movie definitely goes more in depth

with Margaret, Waller’s wife. She is a main character in the movie, but in the book, …show more content…

It kind of created tension between the slaves and Waller

at some points in the movie. I didn’t really like the endings of the book or the movie. The way

the book ended was so anti-climactic. It made me think, “Is Sarny just going to be learning

letters for the rest of her life? Is that it?” The movie ending was a little better because it was kind

of sad which made the movie more interesting. At the end of the movie, Sarny was sold away to

another slave owner. I just wish that after that, Nightjohn would have found Sarny and they

would have done something cool like run away to the north, cause a rebellion, or something else

like that. In the book, there wasn’t a lot of action. The only time there was action was when a

slave ran away or got punished. It wasn’t a book that made me want to read the next chapter. It

didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat. It was just boring. The movie didn’t have that much

action either, but it still had more than the book did.

I thought that Waller was more brutal in the book. For example, in the movie, when

Waller caught Sarny looking through a book, he just slapped her. In the book, when he

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