Essay On The Movie Nightjohn

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The video was very different from the book. The movie was still a somewhat accurate representation of the book, but a lot of things were changed. In the movie Nightjohn was bought for only fifty dollars, and had a few scars on his back. In the movie Nightjohn was bought for a thousand dollars, and was described having scars covering his entire back. Another difference is that the book is much more gruesome than the movie. In the movie when Pawley sneaks out, Waller whips his back a few times. That is a very painful punishment but compared to the book it isn't that bad. In the book when Pawley didn't make it back in time Waller let the dogs have him. Then Waller tired him down and cut him like he cut the cattle but the cut went wrong, and Pawley laid all night, …show more content…

Sarny works in the white house, and interacts with Waller's brother and wife. A similarity is that all of the characters names are the same. Sarny's real mom still leaves when she is very young, and she can barely remember it. Nightjohn still escaped and came back only to be bought by Waller. In both the book and movie on one of Nightjohn's first nights he traded Sarny the letters A, B, and C for a lip of tobacco. I think that Waller’s son was mentioned and involved in the movie to show the extent of the punishment, and the amount of cruelty the slaves were treated with. Waller’s son considered some of the slaves his friends. When Waller’s son found the stolen bible in the slave quarters he felt betrayed by them. He had gotten in a lot of trouble from his father because Waller had thought his son stole, or misplaced the bible. When Waller found out that one of the slaves stole the bible he made his son whip the slave they thought stole the bible. They didn’t even know a hundred percent who it was. At first his son didn’t want to because he considered himself friends with them but Waller eventually convinced him

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