Differences Between Our America Book And Movie

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Is your America the same as my America? The book titled Our America was published by LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman and David Isay in 1997. There is also a movie called Our America Which was made by Ernest Dickerson in 2002. Both the book and the movie is about the same thing, it’s about how people on the west side of Chicago live. The book and the movie version of Our America have many differences such as David Isay is a very important person in the movie but he isn't in the book, Lloyd and LeAlan fusses a lot, and in the movie they talk about how they got bad publicity for being two black boys being punked by a white man but they don't even talk about that in the book. In the movie David Isay is one of the main characters but in the book he …show more content…

Another reason why I think they didn't put him in the book at all because the book was mainly focused on LeAlan and Lloyd. Maybe he wasn't in the book at all was because a lot of important events that happened wasn't put in the book because they wanted the book to just be about LeAlan and Lloyd. Another reason why he maybe wasn't in the book is because the book was just recordings and they never recorded David. In the book LeAlan and Lloyd was the best of friends but in the movie they had there ups and downs. In the book they always got along and did everything together. But in the movie LeAlan tells Lloyd he will never be like him. Also in the movie LeAlan grandmother doesn't like Lloyd because she thinks he’s pulling LeAlan down. Also in the movie Lloyd is always late to places and David has to talk to him a lot. In the book they didn't talk about when everybody was saying LeAlan and Lloyd was getting punked by David. I think they didn't put that in the book because David Isay wasn't a important character. Also because he never was in the book and that conflict was mostly affecting him. Another thing that happened in the movie but not in the book is that LeAlan is starting to believe everything the people was saying about David but Lloyd didn't. Also I don't think they put that part in the book either because they didn't talk about Graham Ellis in the

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