Comparing Tuck's Everlasting And Winnie

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Tuck Everlasting is a movie and a novel about a family that can live forever. However, they are found by a little girl that just wanted to explore, Winnie Foster. Natalie Babbitt wrote the book. Furthermore, the movie and novel are strange and interesting.

In the movie and the novel Mae Tuck hits the Man in the Yellow Suit with the end of a rifle.Mae was trying to protect Winnie Foster from dying. It states in the novel on page 100 “ Her strong arms swung the shotgun around her head like a wheel. The Man in the Yellow Suit tried to jerk away, but it was too late.” The Tuck’s were traveling and they saw a spring next to a tree, and they all drank from it. Little did they know that that water was magical, they could live forever. Jesse Tuck was drinking from the water when Winnie Foster the richest in town saw him, at once they were instantly in love. They loved each other a lot, but the town knew the Tuck’s were up to something, the Tucks they needed to escape. Jesse told Winnie when she is older drink from the spring and he will come back. They will be married, but sadly Winnie did not and dies. In the novel, on page 138, the grave says “ In loving Memory, Winifred Foster Jackson 1870-1948.” Jesse was heartbroken. In conclusion, both the movie and novel have some similarities. …show more content…

In the Novel , when Winnie see’s Jesse Tuck drink from the spring Miles and Mae Tuck all come to get Winnie, however in the movie only Miles and Jesse take Winnie. In the Movie Mae and Angus both go to jail for killing the Man in the Yellow Suit. But in the Novel it is only Mae Tuck. In addition, there are many differences in the novel and movie. The story Tuck Everlasting was very awesome to read. I loved the novel and I thought it was very interesting. In conclusion Tuck Everlasting is a very fabulous novel and

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