Differences Between Our America Book And Movie

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Our America is a book and a movie of the struggle in the Southside of Chicago.Even though, the main plot of the book and the movie was how two characters named Lealan and Lloyd find a way to broadcast their struggles in living in the Southside of Chicago. But, both the book and the movie have the main plot of Eric Morse’s death. Which happened in 1994, two boys Johnny and Tyrone threw a 5 year old boy named Eric out the window because they wanted him to steal candy and he didn’t and so Eric snitched on them. Our America: the book and the movie has similarities and differences such as the plot , character, and other things. One difference in Our America: book and movie is in the plot. When Eric Morse died in the book, he was hung out the window and Derrick, Eric’s older brother, was holding on to him and and then he almost let him go then Tyrone bit Derrick and he let Eric go. But in the movie, Johnny and Tyrone ( Jesse and Tyreek), had Eric hanging out the window while Derrick was pushed away from the window. Then, Johnny let go and then Tyrone let go. This is a difference because it shows that the director of the movie wanted to show you a glimpse of what happened but not all of what really happened. That can be effect to the reader and the watcher because then they will be a misconception of what really happened to Eric Morse. …show more content…

IN the book, there was no part in the book where Lloyd and his sister, and her boyfriend Duane was playing cards and Lloyd was about to get shot because he cheated and his friend caught him and was about to shoot up the whole house but in the movie there was. In the movie there was a Duane , but in the book there was no Duane. Sophie didn’t even have a boyfriend. This means that the movie and the book aren’t similar and once again there were misconceptions between the book and the movie which can confuse both the reader and

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