Bernie Criminal Behavior Theory

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People commit crimes for various reasons and many different factors contribute to a person’s mental state and behavior. There are numerous theories that attempt to explain why individuals and particular groups of people become criminals. Psychologist and psychiatrist use science and research to attempt to determine a person’s deviant behavior. A person’s mental state usually contributes to the causation of the types of crimes that they commit. The main character in the movie “Bernie” demonstrates characteristics that fit into the frustration-aggression theory, modeling theory, and behavior theory. The first theory I believe was exhibited in the movie “Bernie” was frustration-aggression theory that is, “Frustration can lead to various forms of behavior–including regression, sublimation, and aggressive fantasy–direct aggression toward others is its most likely consequence.” p. (68) This theory was seen in the movie because majority of the townspeople described Bernie as a gentle and caring person who made sure others felt love. Frustration is a natural part of life and can lead to aggressive behavior if …show more content…

Nugent who most considered to be the opposite of him. Bernie’s criminal behavior would be considered to come from pressure and the environment in which he felt he could not escape because he did not know how. Even while being incarcerated Bernie continued to help others and continued to be a productive inmate. This leads me to believe that he snapped due to his inability to control his frustrations which lead him to taking out his behavior on the person who caused this feeling. Behavior I believe is learned and this is shown in this movie. The remorse that Bernie had for what he did shows that he has some good in him but his deviant behavior was provoked and he did not have self-control in that

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