James Bulger Theory

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This essay will critically analyse the killing of James Bulger from three different perspectives. It will also explain how a supposed moral society experiences such gruesome killings and worst of all it is carried out by children. Analyses of parental roles in the upbringing of the children will be discussed and what the society can do to prevent further occurrences. James Bulger was born on the 16th of March 1990.He was from Kirkby, England.He was abducted, tortured beyond comprehension and murdered by two-ten-year old boys namely Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Bulger disappeared from the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bottle near Liverpool while accompanying his mother for shopping. His mutilated body was found on a railway line two and …show more content…

This theory clearly rules out the effect of inherited or innate factors, and the last is the cognitive theory, which is based on how the perception of an individual is manifested into affecting his or her potential and capability to commit a crime. (Psychological theories of crime) Relating these theories to the case under study, it’s clear that the behaviour can be traced most times to faulty relationships in the family during the first years of …show more content…

These levels include individual, family, community or country. The outcome is a cycle of inclusion or exclusion categorised by varying levels of access to capabilities, resources, goods and services, inability to actively participate in normal societal activities which are available to the majority of the populace and rights which eventually lead to inequalities (WHO| Social Exclusion & Multidimensional Analysis).Sociologists see very strong links between crime and social exclusion. The growing rate of crimes in the society may be a result of the fact that the number of people who do not feel regarded or included in the society in which they live is increasing daily. Socially excluded populations may not have the needed resources to make live easy for them, so they resort to fraudulent means of getting needed resources. The two families involved in this case (Venables and Thompson) were socially excluded. The effect of the parents experiencing social exclusion was transferred to the children. (Social Exclusion| poverty and Social Exclusion) Conclusion: The murder of James Bulger was horrific and would not have happened if these boys were from good and responsible homes. Robert Thompson grew up in a criminogenic family and this must have played an

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