Aaron Hernandez: Documentary Analysis

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Aaron Hernandez is a previous NFL player for the New England Patriots. In 2013 Hernandez was discovered blameworthy of first degree murder. The next year he was likewise discovered liable of a double homicide. Why might a 40 million dollar rising star perpetrate such a wrongdoing? Numerous theories have been produced to clarify criminal conduct. While a few theories are not as regular, others have developed and are utilized as a part of numerous criminal reviews today. Cutting edge criminologists consolidate the most important aspects of sociology, psychology, anthropology, and biological theories to advance their comprehension of criminal behavior. Rational choice theory, psychological, biological, and strain theory are used to analyze the…show more content…
In the narrative the group of onlookers found the drugs Aaron Hernandez utilized, this drug was a powdery white substance called "Angle Dust" or PCP which is pharmaceutically named Phencyclidine. This pharmaceutical medication is said to have brought on Aaron Hernandez to act flighty and not himself. The medication was recovered for him by Odin Lloyd a friend and the victim of the Defendant Aaron Hernandez. In the documentary a group of audience viewers observe closely as Aaron Hernandez 's lawyers ask as often as possible for what valid reason and what thought process would their client Aaron Hernandez need to murder the people from the dance club. Subsequent to slaughtering Odin Lloyd, Prosecution gave the court proof in text messages where Aaron Hernandez requested that his fiancée dispose whatever is left of his Maryjane. From simply the intermittent utilization of drugs by Aaron Hernandez down to the minute he submitted the murder of Odin Lloyd. It is clear that the utilization of pot and PCP brought on the litigant to lose control of what was going ahead around him and respond without being completely mindful of his…show more content…
To wrap things up Psychological Theory says that criminal conduct is an aftereffect of individual contrasts in speculation forms. There are a wide range of mental speculations, however they all trust that it is the individual 's contemplations and sentiments that direct their activities. All things considered, issues in intuition can prompt to criminal conduct. On account of the first degree murder the wrongdoing was not one of energy, yet rather arranged. Hernandez rented a vehicles and had two friends help him do his grimy work. The night of the murder the victim got into the auto with Hernandez and his two friends. Assuming that they were off for one night of celebrating. Hernandez headed to an industrial park where Odin Lloyd was struck and shot a couple times. This crime was one that was planned. The objective of criminological theories is to help one gain an understating of crime and criminal justice. Speculations cover the making and the infringing upon of the law, criminal and degenerate conduct, and additionally examples of criminal movement All of the listed theories play an important role regarding the reason why Aaron Hernandez committed the
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