The Murder Of Ray Lewis

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The NFL is known for all the entertainment. Hard hits and something to watch is the game. Does anyone really care what happens to the players’ off the field? Ray Lewis is a well-known player but people do not realize what his story off the field. How he got to where he is today is a mystery to some people. Of course hard work, dedication, and motivation was what he put in to be were he was. Ray said, “Sweat was necessary.” He was determined to be the best he could be and better than anyone. Also he said, “I am the best player to play for Miami.” He did not say it to be cocky; he meant it because he has worked harder than any other player, put more effort into the weight room, played harder on the field. Ray Lewis was one of the best NFL players ever. He was six foot one and weighs …show more content…

He killed two people in Atlanta as self-defense. Ray came out and told everyone that he killed the two people even though he pleaded guilty of all of his charges so the NFL fined him $250,000 for the murder (“Baltimore’s Ray Lewis tackles murder charges and climbs back to the top a year later”). Ray took time out of the Super Bowl celebration to pray for the people that he killed he said, “The man upstairs, he does not put you through the tragedy without bringing the crown, if you are chasing his heart” (“Ray Lewis Shines as Baltimore Ravens Claim 34-7 Victory Over the New York Giants Super Bowl XXXV”). That was a lot of money to be fined as a football player in the late 1900s. People thought he would never be as good again (“Baltimore’s Ray Lewis tackles murder changes and climbs back to the top a year later”). They thought but they thought wrong. When the next year came, the year after the killing, it was his best year of football he has ever played when everyone thought he would never be good

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