Walter Payton Thesis Statement

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Tomorrow is promised to no one” - Walter Payton. Walter Payton lived by this quote his whole life not just on the football field playing for the Jackson State Tigers collegitaly or for the Chicago Bears professionally. He lived by that quote at a young age especially when his father died. Or when he was diagnosed with PSC a rare liver disease. He showed us how to live life before it's gone.
Walter Payton’s young life was full of disasters and struggles. It all started when Payton was a young kid growing up in Columbia, Mississippi. He was born july 25th, 1954. (Pearlman #). During the 1950’s there was still segregation going on in Mississippi, and because of this Payton’s father Edward was arrested for drinking while intoxicated and was …show more content…

He even has awards named after him. When Payton was enrolled at Jackson State he won multiple awards like Black College Player of the year award two times. He was also selected to the All-American team his freshman year. His senior season he finished 3rd in the heisman voting (best college football player in division 1). Payton has other significant accomplishments like in 1977 when he won MVP of the NFL. Payton was also inducted to the pro football Hall of Fame in 1993. “The Walter Payton Award, established in 1987 is annually presented to the most helpful person in their community and one who helps make the biggest changes in the world only for NFL players”-(Britannica). Walter Payton is also credited for awakening national interest in organ donations. Payton has done a lot of things before he passed from fighting segregation to helping the fight against liver disease. Walter Payton has always tried to make a change in the world and he did. Payton held rallies for segregation, he put on events to help raise donations for organ donations. Even though he is gone now his family is still trying to make a difference by putting on donations and events as

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