Informative Essay: The Role Of NFL Players In Professional Sports

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The NFL is one of the most popular sports down south. In the NFL there are lots of player that don’t succeed. Players in college play very hard to make it to the NFL. The NFL draft is a great thing they have come up with now so the sorry teams that are in the NFL can get some talent now. These are three NFL players that are known for their abilities on and off the football field.
After Ryan Mattison had failed to keep his grades up in school, Ryan had turned to the army. Lance Zierlein say that that Mattison took play in the two developments in Iraq. (1) Ryan played the safety position in college weighing in at 216 pounds, he gained 35 pound of muscle while in Iraq. After the trip to Iraq and gaining weight he started to think about going to the NFL. He was scared of contact when he …show more content…

H got drafted by the Cleveland Browns. After Trent senior season at Alabama h had broken the single season rushing yards there. He end up with a break out season his rookie year in the NFL. The Browns traded Trent to the Colts. Trent didn’t stay with the Colts much longer. He ended up getting released by the Colts cause he wanted to be a type of running back he wasn’t ,he signed to the Raiders after all of this happen. Ryan Clark quoted “in three preseason games he carried the ball 15 times for 42 yards, caught three pass for 5 yards and returned a kickoff for 11 yards.” (Inabinett 2) Trent was released from the Raiders and now is a free agent. According to pro football reference, only one running back in NFL history with at least 600 rushing attempts has a worse yards-per carry average than Richardson.(1)

These three football players would certainly never make it to the hall of fame. They did well in the regular life. They also played good college ball, but they weren’t ready for the challenge. Injury also stops people often in the NFL. I think these three players would love to start over but they

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