Football In The 1930's

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What if you were very athletic in the 1930s and you wanted to play football, would you play with all of the chances of getting injured? Have you ever wondered about Football in the 1930s and wondered what types of protection changed, and was created? In this essay it will show all of the aspects on how Football has changed and what it was like. Football is an amazing sport itself, but once helmets and pads and other types of protection get added it makes it much more fun and safer to play. Football is one of the most amazing sports in the world, and they have had some of the best athletes and coaches in the program. It says, “Robert Neyland was an outstanding football player and coach for the Tennessee Titans”(Lawrence 1). This shows that …show more content…

Sammy Baugh was the greatest and most respected football player of all time.“Sammy Baugh lead all other QB’s with his stats”(Derr 2). “Sammy Baugh was also the QB of the decade in the 30s”(Derr 2). Most men in the 30s would agree that Sammy Baugh was the best of the best and would also agree that the information shows how some players excelled, and it also showed how the players tried to get on top. Sammy Baugh was the greatest QB but even though he was great other players were just like him in other areas.
College Football was also excelling at this time.“U of A finished second in the whole country in 1933, with a 79-11-15”(Lawrence 3). All NFL football players had to come from somewhere and a lot of them came from the U of A college. College football was being excelled at this time but the NFL still needed players to play. The United States All-American award honored the best of the best. Ken Kavanaugh was an All-American Football player”(Lawrence 2). Kan Kavanaugh was not only one of the best football players, but a great guy. Kan Kavanaugh was a great lineman he could get interceptions and run them back for touchdowns. Robert Neyland was still excelling at this time with his great team.“Robert Neyland Won two southern Conference championships”(Lawrence 1). Robert Neyland is still a great coach

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