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Bo Jackson one of the best athletes to ever step foot on earth, a two sport pro athlete was the most epic hero of the 20th century. Whenever Jackson did something everyone knew about it, he was doing things that people did not believe were possible for a human to do even when he was a kid. Bo did the most amazing things that people had seen such as do a standing backflip in water up to his knees and land it perfectly. Anything Bo did he was a natural at he had god gifted ability to do whatever he tried making him uncomparable to any other athlete because everything he had was naturally gifted to him. Bo along with having talent had a great and very humble personality, he grew up very poor in a small town in Alabama but always remained humble throughout his whole career. Bo Jackson is a epic hero due to his supernatural foes, national heroism, and him being a great warrior. …show more content…

Everyone that watched or knew about Bo knew that he was not a normal person. Bo was gifted abilities that no one has ever had and may never have. Bo never had to do that much work for what he could accomplish, he was over 210 pounds and ran the fastest 40 yard dash ever in combine history which makes him supernatural. He also never had to workout, everything he had came naturally being able to walk straight off of the baseball diamond and onto a football field seems impossible but for him it was everything he did was amazing. Even after he sustained a very tragic hip injury resulting in a hip replacement he was still able to come back and play Major League Baseball which many thought he couldn't do. Along with everything he did he was able to make it and secure two starting positions on two professional sport teams is supernatural, he has been one of the only people in history to ever do so making Bo’s supernatural abilities

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