Visual Analysis Of Pat Tillman

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Pat Tillman, an NFL superstar who gave it all up to defend our country, embodied the American dream and more. Worked hard on and off the field he earned a comfortable life for him and his family. He not only achieved the American dream, but also gave the ultimate sacrifice of any American – his life. Because of his importance, Sports Illustrated created two different magazine covers to illustrate Pat Tillman's death. The Sports Illustrated “Pat Tillman” cover has a symbolic design. Tillman runs off the field with his helmet raised in excitement, revealing long, brown hair flowing behind him. He screams, out of happiness or anger, we do not know why; all we know is that he belongs there playing the game that he loves with a passion ( Editors n.pag.). Red seems to embody his warrior like spirit (SI “In” n. pag.). To appeal to their audience, this magazine cover uses certain techniques. In the …show more content…

Tillman, in Army fatigues, sits in a tree with an assault rifle in hand, waiting for someone to test his shooting skills. The landscape behind him is brown and looks dead and lifeless, just like his fallen feels Tillman’s demeanor in the photograph, but whether he is focused on the seriousness of war or the fear of imminent death we will never know (SI “Remember” n. pag.). To appeal to their audience, this cover uses specific tactics. The fatigues induce a sense of patriotism that hits home with the American audience. Sports Illustrated hits many Americans in the hearts. By incorporating a picture of Tillman in army fatigues on their magazine cover. Many Americans have fallen family members, who died defending our country. Those who do not have members of their family fighting for freedom still feel a sense of empathy towards Tillman's family, because they would not want this to happen to one of their own ( SI “Remember” n. pag.). Yet, the magazine cover uses additional techniques as

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