The Ghost Soldiers Tim O Brien Character Analysis Essay

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This chapter “The Ghost Soldiers”, showed us how Tim O’Brien and the other soldiers were dealing with the war both physically and psychologically. It also shows us how the Tim O'Brien behaved and felt when he was shot, wounded and had a bacteria infection on his butt and how the war changed the way he thought, and viewed the other soldiers around him. This chapter also contain a lot of psychological lens. From the way Tim O’Brien felt when he was shot and separated from his unit to a new unit to when he wanted revenge on Bobby Jorgenson for almost “killing” him. The chapter also showed how the war shaped and changed the way Tim O’Brien thought and dealt with things. “After the rot cleared up, once I could think straight, I devoted a lot of …show more content…

Tim dealt through the war by blaming himself, blaming others, and by taking revenge against those who hurt him in some way or form. Azar on the other hand, Azar never blamed himself when he did something wrong, he always blame everyone but himself and that was his way of dealing with the war. Azar’s war of coping with the through making jokes about serious matter like in the chapter “Style” when the girl lost her home and her entire family, she was dancing in the rain as a coping mechanism but Azar was making fun of the girl and asking why she was dancing under the rain day and night without eating. In a way Azar felt and behaved like a kid throughout the book because he did stupid stuff like when he blew away Ted Lavender’s puppy and he was trying to defend himself with the logic that he is just a kid and shouldn’t be in the war in the first place. Throughout the book, Azar still carries this kid-like mentality with him like when he joined Tim on the revenge mission to scare Bobby during his night watch war was still comparing it to a game of war that little children play at their homes “----That’s all this is. A cute little background war game. Brings back memories--”

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