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  • Banning Football In High Schools

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    Banning football in High school, is that even a thought? Football is America’s pastime, why would someone want to take that away? Football should not be banned for High schools around the United States. For a lot of kids and really anyone football is a passion, not just a game that is being scored by running past a line. For some kids or people, playing football is the only thing they have in life and helps them get through life. Football is a tough sport, you have to work hard to play, concussions

  • The Dangers Of High School Football

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    The Dangers of High School Football Just as it does with American sports fans and on the big screen, football reigns supreme in high school sports as well. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, nearly 1.1 million American boys played on an 11-player high school squad, compared to just 575,628 athletes who ran the track and 535,289 who played basketball (Miller). Despite the growing number of participants, high school football has also proven to be the most dangerous

  • High School Football Is Dangerous

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    “Football is one of America's popular sport and is also the leading cause of sport-related injuries,” according to Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP). So i do believe that high school football is dangerous because the players playing are not fully adults and their bodies aint fully developed. High school students who play football have a higher chance of getting hurt according to The American Journal of Sports Medicine, four out of every 1,000 high school football exposures resulted in

  • Texas High School Football Athletes: A Case Study

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    In today 's news, two Texas high school football athletes made headlines following the ambush of an official during a pivotal moment of the game. Allegedly, the official provoked the two by using racial slurs and attempted to give the opponents the advantage due to his dislike for the opposing team. The two high school players who were involved, were reportedly ordered by their assistant coach to take action after the coach had he felt he and the team were being discriminated against. According

  • High School Football Dangerous

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    Football is a very well-known sport that many people play for fun or as a career. It also gives out a lot of opportunities for students and that’s one of the reasons why it is so popular. Many people agree and disagree that it is a safe sport, with some players coming out unharmed and others being severally affected by it. Even though there is many different opinions about High School students playing football, the reality is that it is very dangerous for them because their bodies are still developing

  • Mepham High School Football Tragedy

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    director. The Mepham High School football season was eventually cancelled and the three upperclassman were charged with “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse,” “aggravated assault,” “kidnapping,” “unlawful restraint,” “false imprisonment,” “terroristic threats,” “criminal coercion,” “simple assault,” “reckless endangering of another person,” “ethnic intimidation,” and “criminal conspiracy.” Judge Robert J. Conway chose to try the accused as juveniles.

  • The Pros And Cons Of High School Football

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    nation are in debate whether or not high school football should remain a sport. In addition, it was recorded that between the years 2005 and 2014, ninety-two high school football players have been killed due to football injuries. Although, high school football has been a traditional sport in all states, but many are wondering if football is truly worth the risk. However, endless numbers of parents across the nation have numerous opinions on their sons playing football or not. Nonetheless, if parents

  • Abolish High School Football Analysis

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    Football is a very popular sport not only in American high schools and colleges, but also in the entire country of the United States. Is playing high school football worth the risk and harm inflicted to high school football players? This is the main question raised by the author, Raymond Schroth, in the article “Abolish High School Football.” In this article, Schroth talked about the disadvantages and harms of playing high school football to the players. Schroth argued that high school football

  • High School Football Argumentative Essay

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    For many years has football has been considered the utmost dangerous sport in high school, but recently many new studies have been made to prove the exact opposite. High school football gives money to the school and improves the school. In high school sports when a team wins the championship the school gets money that can be used towards hiring new teachers, providing scholarships for students, buying new books, and overall improving the school itself. When a high school football team wins the championship

  • High School Football Game Analysis

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    In the days when I was in high school and got the opportunity to play football, was one of the greatest periods of my high school career. Now I am in college and the closest thing I can do is watch the games. When playing the game you’re really focused and you also have an influence on how the game is progressed. In the stands you are also very focused just like on the field. The thing that is different about these two items is when you are watching you don’t have that control of the game and all

  • High School Football Narrative

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    My first year of high school soccer, my team and I won AAC for the Junior Varsity and Varsity. On Thursday, October 20, 2016 was our last game of the year. We had a great season so far, but if we won this game it would beat all. The soccer game was at the Howland Middle School soccer stadium. We played on a sunny day with the bleachers full of people. People brought water, food, and chairs for the game. The earthy fresh cut grass and clean fresh air made that day great, you just couldn 't ask for

  • High School Football Research Paper

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    what high school football is supposed to be about. More than a million kids across the country suited up this year, and most of them will finish the season stronger, in body and character, than when they started. Seven of them have died. Andre Smith, 17, a senior at Bogan High School in Chicago, was the latest. He was hit hard on the last play of an Oct. 22 game against Chicago Vocational High School and died the next day of traumatic head injury. Tyrell Cameron, 16, of Franklin Parish High School

  • High School Football Games Research Paper

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    High School Football Games Every Friday night Wilson’s very own John Gurski Stadium is packed with fans as if it was the Super Bowl. Starting at 7pm, the Wilson High School football team took the field and starts to destroy the visiting team. Just in the first quarter the Bulldogs already have two touchdowns. Touchdown after touchdown, the Bulldogs lead the game twenty one to zero. Throughout the game while the football team is dominatTing, the cheerleaders are singing and dancing along to the

  • Personal Narrative: High School Football

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    As a little boy I had big dreams of playing football. When I was walking in the halls of the intermediate and middle school and saw the high school football players with their jerseys on, they were like super stars. I looked up to them because I wanted to be like them. The high school football players were popular, they were happy, and they were important to the school. Going to the football games on Friday nights was the highlight of my week. I told my mom that I wanted to be out there one day and

  • Permian High School Football Pros

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    down into smaller goals. I will never know what it’s like to go to a small town school; I graduated with a class of over 500. In this school of approximately 2,000 students, I can only imagine the pressure that was put on our football team when their season started to become a winning one. Odessa is a small town located in western Texas, home of the Permian Panthers. The Permian Panthers are only a high school football team, but the way the town acts you would think they were all going to receive

  • The Dangers Of Concussions In High School Football

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    Many have heard about concussions especially in the NFL. As of today, the NFL, a professional football league, has become the number one spectator sport in the United States. Despite its popularity, one out of the biggest problems occur to players are concussions. A concussion is a brain injury involving a head-on Collision. The brain inside the head literally bounces back and forth when a head on collision occurs. Another way concussions occur is through the shaking of the head and body.

  • Mepham High School Football Case Study

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    made the team now deal with a problem that happens mainly from the high school level all the way to the professional leagues. That problem is the issue of humiliating and victimizing “rookie” athletes through hazing rituals. These individuals go from hearing in try

  • Should Football Be Banned In High School Essay

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    Football is a sport that is played in schools across the country. Like anything else, football has its pros and cons. It can be beneficial to the player in many different ways but it can also hurt the player in different ways. Many different studies have showed both sides of the spectrum. Playing football inis high school has many benefits for the student. One of the more obvious facts of playing football is that it “Playing football can helps kids stay in shape”(Khan). Playing football allows

  • High School Football Injury Research Paper

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    Hospital states the danger football players encounter when they hit the field. There are many dangers for high school football, many high schoolers receive major damage specifically head trauma from football players. Although high school football is popular, it causes more harm then good by, having the players grow up with a high rate of injury, growing up with a high rate in depression, and the possibility of never being the same after a injury. Many of the injuries high schoolers receive can weaken

  • Persuasive Essay About High School Football

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    In high school, students have many opportunities to participate in athletic events. One of the most popular sports offered in high school across the United States is football. The list of life lessons the sport can teach is prolonged. Most people think that the long days and nights spent participating in high school football “pay off” after realizing the abilities they gained. High school football has the ability to transform irresponsible and unfocused students into responsible and perseverant