Texas High School Football Athletes: A Case Study

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In today 's news, two Texas high school football athletes made headlines following the ambush of an official during a pivotal moment of the game. Allegedly, the official provoked the two by using racial slurs and attempted to give the opponents the advantage due to his dislike for the opposing team. The two high school players who were involved, were reportedly ordered by their assistant coach to take action after the coach had he felt he and the team were being discriminated against. According to CNN, the coach recently resigned (McLaughlin, Elliot). However, he denies the allegations of him ordering the two players to make such a decision. The official also denied the accusations of using racial slurs by submitting five-page paper statement. The two players have to forfeit their football season and as for the coach, Mack Breed, he will not be allowed to coach until he has spoken to the board of Texas. The official suffered a concussion and hearing are currently in the process. In the game of football it important that every variable on the field stick to their roles. According to the text, roles are a set norms of how people should behave in a given situation (Myers). In this case the hierarchy being the coach and coincidentally the players are a product …show more content…

It is apparent that the referee may have had a negative attitude to their team in order to provoke violence. However, I disagree with their reaction. If the teens are telling the truth, it should have been handled in a different manner. But when considering that referees option to choose any side, it could affect the opposing team’s attitude during a key moment of the game. With those statements in mind, I still feel as if no one should be let off the hook. The players should face suspension, the coach and the referee needs a series of explanations before being allowed to officiate

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