How Is 60s NBA Uniforms, Courts, And Similar To Modern NBA?

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How is 60s NBA uniforms,courts,and rules similar and different to modern NBA? How can we tell that the wide variety of uniforms are the same or different when being compared by their designs? 60s NBA had only home and away uniforms, and modern has more than home and away uniforms.You would have to wear a specific shoe color now and back then.White colors are for home and dark colors are for away.The shorts have a specific design and now they have any design.They both have a specific color for the resemblance of the team like Golden State Warriors they have blue, yellow, and white.What are some similarities and differences between the wide varieties of 60s and modern NBA courts? 60s NBA court didn’t have a three point line and now they added one.When they added the three point line people began to shoot from that line in their career. The front part of the hoop had padding and no side padding, and now they do because someone could fall and injure theirself very badly if they didn’t have padding.They both have designs on the court.They both have a determined team.They both have significant court …show more content…

No disrespectful manners but some people did when pushing. Always the ref is the judge of whether if it was a foul or not.Coaches can not get up and start howling at the refs. You can see the players committing the fouls.6 fouls your out of the game. When fouled don’t get into a bundle with that player. Both when playing the game when the buzzer goes off it means that the quarter is over plus you can shoot a half court shot at one second before it goes off. When you get fouled you shoot free throws to get more points for your team. When they put players in they say to the player on the bench to switch with that player when they call timeout or commit a foul. Listen to the ref blast the whistle and the player yowling at the ref.The player feels very

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