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Do you like to read sports book then this is your book to read, filled with action and tons of problems and sports events. I am reading the book Full Court Press by Mike Lupica this book is about a group of boys that live in downtown Chicago. The boys that are on the basketball team are always trying to do their best during the games. Unfortunately the coach is kind of a grumpy old coach that doesn’t like how the team works together and wants things done his way, also he loves to swear at the kids there isn’t a point in the book where he’s not happy with what they have done. In this journal I will be predicting, connecting, and questioning to what’s going on in the story. I have a have a few predictions for this book. First of all I predict that the girl on the team named Dee will be able to stay on the team because she is bringing in fans to watch the games. Dee is also one of the best players on the team so I would assume that the player would end up wanting her to stay and help the team. My second predictions is that I think …show more content…

One of my first question is why does the team not want to accept the girl for who she is and how great of a basketball player she really is. I don’t get why they have to look at her like she’s the one that’s holding the team back when she’s one of the better players on the team. That is just one of my many questions I have about the basketballs team. My second question is why does the coach have to gibe at the team and, also have to be so up tight about every thing that happens on the court. “F*** it ill tell her she not coming when we get there” (Lupica 41). I mean like every practice they have or every game they have he is swearing in every single one and I don’t get why because the player are good athletes and, they play good basketball he just wants things done his way not any other way but

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