Losers Take All Analysis

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The book, “Losers Take All,” written by David Klass, takes place in modern time New Jersey. Jack Logan is a senior boy who attends a sport enthusiastic school. After a tragic incident occurs, Fremont High is left in search of a new principal to replace Gentry. In the middle of summer, Fremont decided to hire their football coach, Mr. Muhldinger, as the new principle. Things take a dramatic turn when the first rule he implements is that all seniors must join a sport. To make matters worse, Jack comes from a family of athletes. His brothers and his dad were huge football stars but Jack himself really isn’t into football or any sports. Being a senior is hitting him hard due to the fact that he now has to pick a sport to participate in and he has all the pressure on the weight of his shoulders to pick football. He decides to play a game of laid back, pick up football with some of the guys from the Varsity team. Little did he know was that he was being watched from the sideline by his father and Mr. Muhldinger. Mr. Logan and Mr. Muhldinger soon discover the great speed …show more content…

Often times we do not always comprehend that it’s happening. A simple sentence that someone says can really impact the other person. They could be thinking about that one thing you said, for weeks. Words hurt, some people can’t shake it off as easy as others. The soccer players at Fremont High found it fairly easy to shake words off that were being assaulted towards them because they knew they had the backup of their teammates. Rob Powers got his car caught on fire because someone was attempting to make him feel bad for quitting soccer. Although it was a tragedy for his car, in the end he had won for standing up and playing soccer. That was his statement. He was harassed all the time and it’s not like he just forgot about it. The constant taunting was still there, it still lingered on. This book was fantastic for showing those incidents in the ways it sometimes

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