Johnny Tremain Thesis

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In the novel Johnny Tremain, we follow the life of a young boy named Johnny. He lives in Boston in the midst of the revolution during the 1770’s. This book was published by Esther Forbes in 1943, at the height of World War II. The novel Johnny Tremain is about a young boy named Johnny living in colonial Boston during the 1770s. This book portrays Johnny’s life during the beginning of the revolution. He is a young and cocky silversmith, but gets into an accident where he cannot do metal work anymore. When he has the accident, he decides that it was time to branch out and not just stay in the silversmith’s house and sulk. So, on his journeys, he finds a printing company called The Boston Observer. He meets a boy named Rab, and stays with Rab and his family, the Lorne’s. …show more content…

To some people it is not. Some teachers say that the book is challenging for students. Now, this novel may be difficult for students, but that is how students learn new information. If students weren’t to have read harder pieces of literature all throughout their schooling career, they would stay at the same level of reading for most of their life. The reason why students should read more challenging novels are because they learn new things, and they could also learn how to act in a certain situation based on the type of challenging story they read. Many people also feel that this book is irrelevant to student’s lives. However, kids should learn what life would be like for kids at their age in a different time period. Like what was stated before, in a history class, when we learn about the history, we learn about the straight facts, not as much of the personal lives of people living in that time. Since the novel is showing the personal recollections of one boy in the time period, students can identify the similarities between the two lessons. Since the similarities will be present, the students could make connections to both of the

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