Literary Analysis Of Percy Jackson: The Battle Of The Labyrinth

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The book, Percy Jackson: The Battle Of The Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan is an amazing book about a group of demigods (half human half god) that have to save their camp from being destroyed by the evil forces of Kronos. Kronos is a titan that the gods banished to the deepest part of the underworld (Tartarus) after a war against them. Now that the titans are rising once again, the protagonists must travel through an ancient Labyrinth to stop them from demolishing their camp and temporarily halt them from achieving their goal of destroying Mount Olympus and the gods. This literary analysis will show the interesting relationships between some of the characters, and how the setting that they were in affected them throughout their journey. It will…show more content…
Throughout the book, the author does this many times to describe things that are important to the story. One example of how the author does a good job of using descriptive language is when he describes the monsters that are in the story. When describing one of these monsters, he says, “I didn’t ponder that very long, though, because then I noticed his body . . . or bodies. He had three of them. Now, you’d think I would’ve gotten used to weird anatomy after Janus and Briares, but this guy was three complete people. His neck connected to the middle of his chest like normal, but he had two more chests, one on either side, connected at the shoulders, with a few inches in between. His left arm grew out of his left chest, and the same on the right, so he had two arms, but four armpits, if that makes any sense. The chests all connected into one enormous torso, with two regular but very beefy legs, and he wore the most oversized pair of levis I’ve ever seen. His chests each wore a different color western shirt----green, yellow, and red, like a stoplight. I wondered how he dressed the middle chest, since it had no arms” (Riordan 138). This shows the reader exactly what that monster looked like, and how the author describes it really…show more content…
The book says, “The next time I woke I was in a cave, but as far as caves go, I’ve been in a lot worse. The ceiling glittered with different color crystal formations----white and purple and green, like I was inside of one of those cut geodes you see in souvenir shops. I was lying on a comfortable bed with feather pillows and cotton sheets. The cave was divided into sections by white silk curtains. Against on wall stood a large loom and a harp. Against the other wall were shelves neatly stacked with fruit preserves. Dried herbs hung from the ceiling: rosemary, thyme, and a bunch of other stuff. My mother could’ve named them all.” (Riordan 208). This means that the author can describe the setting of a place really well to help a reader visualize it. The author can use description to help the readers visualize anything. He describes things in precise detail so that readers can understand what he is trying to show them. In conclusion, The Battle Of The Labyrinth is an amazing book the tens of thousands of people enjoy. It has a ⅘ rating on, a 4.4/5 rating on , and a 4.8/5 rating on It is also like by 97% of google users that voted. This shows that a lot of the people the read this book really liked it. This book is an action-packed, yet enjoyable book that can hook any reader in a heartbeat. It has heart-racing moments, emotional

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