Compare And Contrast Perseus And Percy Jackson

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Perseus Vs. Percy Jackson Essay (Final Draft)

“No man who had ever set out to kill Medusa had come back, and the king was sure that now he was forever rid of Perseus.” Throughout the movie of “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief” and throughout the original mythology of “Perseus”, there are obviously huge differences between the two stories-- but there are also huge similarities as well. “Percy Jackson” draws on the legend of “Perseus” by having quite a similar story/a similar concept, while the story of “Percy Jackson” also transforms the original story by making the film more modern -- by adding more different quests, and by changing some of the characters/adding more new characters. Throughout the two stories, you can see very similar ideas -- such as hero archetypes, hero themes, and plot …show more content…

The hero archetypes that the two stories would share is the ‘Prodigy’ -- the hero theme being the ‘Underdog’ -- and lastly for the plot type being the ‘Quest’. To start, the hero archetypes in the movie -- and the original story would be both the ‘Misfit’ and the ‘Prodigy’. In the movie “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief”, the main character Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon -- had things such as ADHD and dyslexia, and in camp Half-Blood Annabeth and many other of the people in the camp had their doubts about Percy, especially of the idea about Percy defeating Hades. (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) In the story “Danaus, Perseus, and The Gorgon” -- when Perseus’ mother Danae is taken ‘hostage’ by the evil king of the island that they were sent to, Perseus is sent on a quest in order to kill Medusa. The king of that island would’ve never expected Perseus to win against Medusa, therefore he sent him on the quest -- so Perseus would never return. “Medusa was one of the three horrible Gorgon sisters, so

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