The Lightning Thief Analysis

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Rick Riordan 's novel, The Lightning Thief, can be effectively interpreted through Joseph Campbell 's Hero Cycle analytical tool. In utilizing this tool, the theme of Percy 's evolving leadership capabilities is brought to attention. In the preliminary events of the novel, Percy is clearly uncomfortable and uncertain of his newfound leadership position. But, as he and his friends, Annabeth and Grover, endure the trials that they encounter, Percy becomes increasingly a more effective and all around better leader. By applying the Hero Cycle, we can understand The Lightning Thief as a description of the evident evolution of Percy 's, leadership through the tests and challenges he endures. Percy 's birth into his Hero Cycle occurs when he crosses into Camp Half Blood for the very first time. His subsequent call to adventure is when he consults with the Oracle. During his visit to the Oracle, Percy learns what he must do in order to be successful on his quest. Chiron, also known as Mr. Brunner, assists Percy in his initial preparation for his quest. He makes sure Percy, Annabeth, and Grover all have the things they need in order to be somewhat prepared for what lay ahead for them. Finally, Percy crosses the threshold when he leaves Camp Half Blood and embarks on the journey West, to find Zeus ' master bolt. After Percy, Annabeth, and Grover cross the threshold and officially begin their quest, they must confront and consequently complete a series of tests. The first of these
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