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Throughout “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan, the main character Percy Jackson grows in many ways. Through application of Joseph Campbell’s Hero Cycle, Percy’s development as a leader over the course of “The Lightning Thief” can be analyzed (Campbell). Percy is born into the hero’s cycle at his natural birth and his call to adventure is the attack by Mrs. Dodds. Percy crosses the threshold, when he leaves Montauk with his mother and Grover and the first trial testing his leadership is on the bus with the furies. Trials exemplifying Percy’s growth include: the furies, Medusa, the Saint Louis Arch, the “Waterland” Waterpark, the Lotus Hotel, Crusty’s Waterbed Palace, and Hades and the Underworld. Each test prepares Percy for the final battle, his encounter with Ares, where he displays the leadership qualities he has obtained over the course of the novel. Percy is first tested when he encounters the furies on the bus leaving Camp Half Blood. Percy fails a test of his ability to coordinate and communicate. Firstly, he disregards the plan that he, Annabeth and Grover had discussed— “What I did next was so impulsive and dangerous”—jerking the wheel out of the bus driver’s hands (164). Percy’s role as a leader is practically nonexistent during this …show more content…

Again, Percy’s ability to communicate and coordinate a team are tested, but unlike the encounter with the furies, he is successful this time. Percy’s growth is especially clear when he acknowledges Annabeth’s successful calculations, saying “If we’d have jumped when I thought we should’ve, we would’ve crashed”, admitting that Annabeth saved their lives (240). Percy communicates well, delegating responsibilities— “‘Get into that booth! Find the ‘on’ switch’” he yells to Grover, “‘Unfasten your seatbelt’” he yells to Annabeth—to guide the group. The test of the waterpark displays Percy’s confident leadership abilities as he coordinates the

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