Perseverance In Percy Jackson's The Lightning Thief

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How often are you persevere? In the book, The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson shows marvelous acts of perseverance. Percy is a teenager, freshman, and attends Yancy Academy. He is diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, and ADD. Now, many people would feel bad for him, and think that he is very peaked. However, he is blessed to have these conditions. His ADHD and ADD help him stay hyperactive in wherever he is. This book was based on Greek Mythology, and there were many wars at that time. Percy is falsely accused for stealing a lightning bolt, and wants to prove that he didn't. Percy Jackson is persevere in many ways. Initially, when Percy played capture the flag in his camp, his persevere characteristic kept him alive. Annabeth was very close to killing him, but he never gave up, and fought for his team. Subsequently, Percy's mom was abducted by the Minotaur. He wouldn't let his loving and caring mom just go away like that. He snatched the Minotaur horn off of it, and stabbed it with it. Percy was deemed a hero for killing the mighty Minotaur. He never stopped, searched day and night to find her. Concurrently, Percy is persevere because begged Zeus to allow …show more content…

In the book, The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson shows great acts of perseverance. A coincidence is that Percy is short for the Greek hero Perseus. Perseus went out of the Underworld, killed the Hydra, and impressed his father. Percy Jackson is probably the most persevere character I've ever read about. He was persevere during his camp game of capture the flag. Consequently, he was persevere to find his mom after she was abducted. Furthermore, he was persevere when he was bellowing to Zeus to let his friend out of the Underworld. Percy bravely agreed to go on a quest, faced the oracle, and killed Medusa, when he didn't really know what was going on. Percy's perseverance had saved him, his father, and the rest of the Greek world. Ultimately, this is how and why Percy Jackson is

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