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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up” (“Thomas A. Edison“). This quotation by Thomas Edison illustrates that giving up will not get one anywhere; along with giving up is the loser’s way out. Edison inspirational quote also reveals that mental strength is necessary to endurance and. The soldiers never gave up, and they persevered to win the war with Odysseus as their leader. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Trojan War hero Odysseus exhibits perseverance in the ten years of war and leads his men on the long journey home. Odysseus has to endure the frustrations of the war and the negligence that the gods show to him in his most desperate times. The pain he goes through exhibits his love for the special ones in his life, and it gives him the strength to make it home. Odysseus is challenged during the ten year war, but he will not give up, which proves how he is a true hero. The hero shows how he is a true hero through his actions and not his words. He continuously tricks his enemies with desirable traps that are hard to turn down,and he does not loe sites of his goals. Odysseus demonstrates arete through heroism, perseverance and, most of all, his intelligence. Throughout the epic poem Odysseus demonstrates clever intelligence when he encounters the Lotus Eaters and when he outwits the Cyclops. When he and his crew land on the dreaded island he …show more content…

In example he had escaped the giant Polyphemus then yelled back at him which led to the cyclops to knowing where he is located, the cyclops picked up a gargantuan rock and hucked it towards the ship in which it just narrowly missed; he then continues to taunt the cyclops until he throws another rock which also very narrowly missed the ship. “‘ Foolish captain! Why must you continue to incite that monstrous cyclops?’” (Rosenberg, the crew). This proves of how foolish he is if his own crew of men are yelling it towards

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