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Oddysey hero and anti-hero essay What even is a hero? What qualities do they even have that is so important in the daily life? I ask myself the same question. well, written by the one and only Homer. The Odyssey is an epic poem believed to be published in 800 bce. In the odyssey, the king of ithica aka odysseus is on his way home, but on his way home he faces many challenges, some include the cyclops, and many different monsters. Eventually after a long hard fight, odysseus makes his way home. The odyssey gives a perfect example of what a hero is, and how easily it is for a person to change. At first, Odysseus may seem like a hero due to his courage and strength, but later on in the story things take a turn for the worse for him and his reputation, …show more content…

The book states, “odysses rushes to save his men from the enchantess” (homer 387). In this quote, its talking about how odysseus is helping his men, This quote shows his loyalty to his men, because without them, he woudlnt be able to do anything really, hed be all by himself, trying to fight high powers by himself. Even though he is a high power himself, it would be nice to have his men. This evidence shows that he would rush to his men whenever they needed him and would rather sacrifice himself, so his men dont get hurt or die. In this specific scene his men are about to be turned into pigs, and he rushed to their side to console them. The main point of this quote is that odysseus is a loyal man to his men, and would do anything for them. He would put himself first in any situation for them, he is a hero because of this. Heroes fight for the things they love, and odysseus proves that by fighting for his …show more content…

He starts to lose them. Towards the end of the cyclops and odyssey’s time, the book states “but anguish lies ahead, the god who thunders on the land prepares it. Not to be shaken from your track, implacable for the rancon for the son who’s eye you blinded” (homer 390). This quote is showing that after odysseus had given the cyclops his wine, he only did that so he could permanently blind him from his own eye, so he could get out. Odysseus could have gone a different route with this, he didnt necessarily have to blind the cyclops, but he did. Which shows him as not heroic. Although odysseus has had many heroic moments, hes had more non heroic moments. And they all weirdly involve in violence, so if that dosent say something about him, i dont know what would prove anything

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