Quotes In Odysseus

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Marquis Deveaux II
Professor Steven Karnes
HRS 10
17 October 2016
The Man of Artéte
Gray clouds suddenly appear, moving swiftly, a waterfall of rain starts pouring out. Thunder fills the sky, with its loud roars, lightning flashed down upon everyone in its path. Dead bodies everywhere no one could have survived this but one man comes out with the glowing yellow skin of a god, muscles that would move elegantly with every move, and a man that looked like no other. A man Odysseus. He will survive a deadly storm that the god of god’s, Zeus, throws at him. He is a man that every guy wants to be and everyone woman lusts over. He will get out of any sticky situation with his quick wits. Odysseus is the man that has every trait of Aréte; physical prowess, intelligence, social skills, self-control, courage, and reverence. He shows all of these traits throughout The Odyssey.
In book 10 Odysseus shows his courage when his crew gets turned into pigs by a witch named, Circe. Eurylochus is a man of the crew that didn’t get turned into a pig and he runs back to Odysseus to tell him the news about the crew. Eurylochus says how horrible and frightening it was, that it's too late for them. Odysseus is not afraid though he gets his weaponry and goes …show more content…

In this book, he shows his intelligence by coming up with a lie on the fly to keep his identity hidden. Odysseus goes to Eumaeus’ house, a swineherd that is loyal to Odysseus. Eumaeus does not notice that the beggar is Odysseus but he still invites him inside. The swineherd talks about is his master Odysseus and how he fears he won’t come back. Then Eumaeus asks the beggar about his origin. Odysseus lies and says that he is from Crete. That he fought with Odysseus at Troy and made it home safely. Then he went to Egypt and became poor. During this trip, he said, that he heard Odysseus was still alive and coming back to

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