Quotes Of Pride In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey, a story based on a great warrior who not just shows his mind but his faults. One fault being his pride. As of the day he went to fight the Trojan War, he was lost at sea for 20 years. Odysseus fought with smart and the hope of being able to defeat everyone in his path. One example of this is Odysseus built the trojan horse which helped him win the Trojan war. Odysseus is a man of pride and commitment, even though that commitment he has sometimes gets him in trouble. When Ceres the Greek Goddess who wants Odysseus to sleep with her, he then refused which led to her changing his men into animals. Odysseus has to break his commitment to Penelope and sleep with her. Odysseus meets many gods which help him find his way home. Poseidon is one God against him. Poseidon does everything he can to keep him away from home till Odysseus learns a lesson that Poseidon was trying to get to him. Many Gods also try to help Odysseus, one very helpful one being the god of the wind, Aeolus. Aeolus gives him a sack of wind which helps Odysseus get home but the problem with that. You only get one use out of it so if you open it when you don’t have good timing. The more modern version O’ Brother Where Art thou, Eulices Mcgilligan and his friends go after …show more content…

There was a man they met who sold his soul to the Devil to make him better at the guitar. In this part it helps them out when they go to a radio station to record a number 1 hit song which spread around very quickly. One bad person they meet is a bible salesman who in The Odyssey you would compare to the giant. He brings them to a picnic and beats them and robs them. Another man they meet is the great mafia man Baby Face Nelson. He’s a real character they use in the story. Eulices and his friends meet Nelson on when he’s on his way to robbing another bank. He wasn’t very smart though because he left a trail of stolen money wherever he

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