Persepolis And Maus Comparison Essay

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All throughout history, occurrences of oppression and invasion have happened all around the world. The rights and freedom of innocent lives have been taken. The people with power have abused it and become tyrannical and self-centered. The innocent begin to rise against the malicious leaders trying to control their lives. Even through times of downfall and nonsuccess, humanity continues to fight back. Ralph Ellison once said, “Life is to be lived not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.” The battle of living freely for humanity is won by never giving up and continuing to fight back no matter what, even after defeat. In both Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Maus by Art Spiegelman, there are multiple occurrences where people are not able to live their lives because they are being administered by a malicious leader. Although both graphic novels are different stories, one based on the tragedy of the Holocaust and the other being based on the tragedy of the Islamic Revolution, both are …show more content…

Both these novels show the constant struggles that people have had to go through to survive. In Persepolis the people of Iran began to protest the Shah by demonstrating. Eventually the Shah fought back by ordering the police to burn down the Rex Cinema, where there were 400 people. “The doors had been locked from the outside a few minutes before the fire and they forbade people to rescue those locked inside, and then they attacked them.” (page 14). This evil act pursued by the Shah and police was a defeat for the Iranian people, but they continued to demonstrate daily. Although many people fled the country, including Marji when she got sent to Austria by her parents, the people of Iran and Marjis parents who stayed, fought for humanity and eventually

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